About Avancer

AVANCER is a French word meaning- to Move forward or Advance or it also means “to make Progress”. It is pronounced as A-VON-SAY. Here we take the Meaning of “to progress”.

AVANCER is an initiative by Manoj and Mina to impart good Values, Life Skills, Manners, Habits, Concepts and Techniques to have a successful life. The aim is to enrich, understand, create self awareness and give maximum Support, Guidance, Counseling and accept the Simple facts of Life. It’s all about achieving something in life. It’s not waiting for life to give us but getting what we want from this whole beautiful life.

There is no short cut methods to achieve things in life, in spite of whatever Training Programs or any number of Workshops you attend in life, unless you get to know about yourself and what you need to achieve, you will not be able to implement these good inputs to the required level and results in your life.

Treading on other people’s path of success will bring you disaster, make them as your benchmarks and create your own path hence, the Motto – “Be Yourself Behave yourself” strongly emphasis a person to be Original as he or she is in words, deeds and actions by using their own natural Ability and Talent.

Each Person is created by God with unique identity and specific skills. One need not imitate from others to achieve success. If you look around see all the great achievers, you will find each one of them stand on their own because they believed in themselves and made the best of life.

Remember “Be Yourself” -an original is always worth more than a COPY…! .

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