Manoj Mukundan

Manoj Mukundan had a very successful career from the year 1988 onwards. He started as a small time marketing executive for IT COMPANY and climbed the ladder of knowledge and success with various interesting products and services. Today after 24years of rich experience and contribution in the field of IT training, Telecom, Human Resources, Timeshare, logistic operations and Satellite services, he now works as a Spiritual and Life Skill Trainer, Motivator speaker, and as a Freelance consultant, .
His success in life was based on a simply policy “The will to learn new things and try out new methods with strong in-sight and fore-sight”. He was always a go-getter and forged into areas where others did not dare to tread the unknown path. He took up challenges and was very dynamic in Team Building and Human relationship.
Being a son of very reputed Senior Police Officer, he is highly disciplined and well known in the society. During his high school, higher secondary and college days, he was deeply involved with various voluntary agencies and social service organizations. He has travelled across India largely and speaks five languages. His major contribution was done towards welfare of youth and students. He still does it and touches many lives.
He is a voracious reader, loves poems, nature and has undying thirst for knowledge in Occult, Life and Cosmic. His outlook in life and motto is “BE YOURSELF AND BEHAVE YOURSELF”
Manoj was born in Kerala, but was brought up in Pondicherry which is his home town. He hails from the family “Ayattane Coumaya” the Paternal side from, MAHE and from the family of his maternal side from Manapatty, Coutaouparamba, Tellicherry.
He is married and now settled in Bangalore. His wife works as a Lecturer in French Language. He has a daughter who is working as a HR


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