About Us

The long left need to reach out for many souls that are lacking proper support and guidance in understanding one’s own life’s requirement has made Manoj and Mina to start this lovely process on the Web.

The need for proper information at the right time and one to one talk helps in life to overcome various things. This is something that is missing in everybody’s life in today’s world. The world of technology and gadgets that rules our lives today has stolen the “Pure Human- relationship” between Man, woman, child and Nature.

The ability to understand oneself, to know one’s strength and weakness, to take stock of situations and to executive proper decisions has take a back seat in our remote controlled life. Tools are to be used, to enhance our life and not to be dependent on them.

Advises are food for thoughts and not to be followed blindly.

:: We at Avancer have taken this initiative to create that awareness to make you understand that you are not- what you think –who you are!.

:: We at Avancer want you to feel that being yourself creates the best impression and achieve all success in life.

:: We at Avancer would like to make you cross that Bridge of Human relationship and take pride in changing yourself and others.

:: We at Avancer believe in creating your own footprints and stories of success.

:: We at Avancer want you to realize that God has made you for a Purpose.

:: We at Avancer invite you to be a part of this initiative and touch many Souls.

:: We at Avancer want you to do this….


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